Email marketing – how a minor change to content can have a big impact

The position of links in your email newsletter or e-shot can have a big impact on your click through rates. Here's a brief case study from our client British Bespoke Auctions. Their monthly newsletter is a preview of the following week's auction, … [Continue reading]

How to massively increase clicks for videos in your email marketing

Here's a really quick and simple tip. If you're including video in your email newsletters and e-shots, you'll know that at the moment, most email clients don't support embedded videos. So you might be thinking your only option is some hyperlinked … [Continue reading]

5 email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

I subscribe to lots of email newsletters. Whilst some of them are well designed and produced, many make fundamental mistakes. Here's my latest roundup of mistakes which businesses are making with their email marketing, and how to avoid them. 1. Too … [Continue reading]

How to use email more effectively in your business

Before starting Expertise on Tap in 2007, I worked in companies where email had ceased to be effective. Employees were suffering from extreme email overload, affecting their productivity.  If you can reduce email overload in business, then it … [Continue reading]

On location with former Dr Who actors

The BBC show Celebrity Antiques Road Trip recently visited our client Bespoke Auctions in Winchcombe. The celebrities for this edition were former Dr Who actor Colin Baker, and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves, who also acted in Dr Who in … [Continue reading]

On location at the Cornish Cricket Festival

We've been producing videos for four years for Birmingham-based Gala Hospitality. We were therefore delighted when they asked to produce an event video for their new brand, Cornish Sporting Club at the second annual Cornish Cricket Festival. The … [Continue reading]

Why sending your B2B email newsletter overnight is a bad idea

I see far too many businesses sending B2B* emails overnight. By overnight I mean after normal office hours. *Business to business Why this is bad 1. If you send after 5pm your email will most likely land in their inbox the next morning. That … [Continue reading]

Why you should include a subscribe link in your email newsletter

Adding a prominent subscribe link to your email newsletter is a great way of growing your list. This is where you might well say "Why do I need one? They're already subscribed aren't they?" Not necessarily. If someone has received a … [Continue reading]

Be careful when pre-scheduling your email marketing

TomTom email example

Using an email service provider such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor is the only way to do your email marketing properly. A useful feature is the ability to prepare your e-shots in advance and schedule them to send on a particular day. This can … [Continue reading]

Email marketing: Why your From Name will affect your open rate

Choose your "from" name carefully and you could improve your open rate A quick survey. Which of these emails are you more likely to open? Set A Set B The correct answer (according to me!) is Set B. I receive a lot of e-shots and email … [Continue reading]