Video production

I specialise in news and events videos

How your business can benefit from these

1. There’s something big going on in your business. Maybe a product launch, new premises, or simply something exciting that you want to tell the world about.

2. You’re running an event and you want to use a professionally produced video to market future events.

“Yes, but we can do these for next to nothing on an iPhone,” you might say.

Well you could do, but it’s simply not going to look as good as a professionally produced, slickly edited video. Please think about the impact on your brand.

Here are some recent examples produced for clients.

News videos

I captured the installation of a public access defibrillator at East Glos Club in Cheltenham for the Public Hearts Cheltenham initiative. 

I captured the lighting of the jubilee beacon on Cleeve Hill for Woodmancote Parish Council. 

Event video

Produced for leading sports hospitality business Gala Events, I condensed this seven hour event into a fast-paced three minute video.

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