Why sending your B2B email newsletter overnight is a bad idea


I see far too many businesses sending B2B* emails overnight. By overnight I mean after normal office hours. *Business to business

Why this is bad

1. If you send after 5pm your email will most likely land in their inbox the next morning. That means it won’t be fresh. It will be stale. This is because when the user downloads it the next morning it will appear amongst all the other emails that have come in overnight, including spam. It will also be amongst non actioned emails from the previous afternoon.

There’s more chance of a busy recipient missing the email whilst he/she settles into the day’s work. You could argue that some people work beyond 5pm, or check emails on portable devices, so what’s the problem? But many do not.

2. An even worse scenario is to send your email over a weekend. When it’s downloaded on Monday morning it’s even less likely to be read.

The solution is to send your email to arrive during working hours

That way there’s more chance of the email dropping into the recipient’s inbox whilst at their desk. In other words it’s a fresh email and more likely to be read. You will find many articles on the web about best time of day to send and often these articles contradict each other. I recommend testing different send times and then picking the time which gets the best open and click rates.

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