Why this e-shot from Apple is perfect. In every way.

Apple have just sent me the email below promoting the new iPhones.  Apple’s email marketing always stands out from the crowd, but this one is special.

Here’s why.

The opening paragraph is brief yet sells lots of benefits. Apple is all about making it easy for the consumer, and that’s what they’re doing here. “We’ll ship it for free”.  “We’ll set it up just how you want it”.

The two product sections have lots of white space and are uncluttered. The product shots don’t even have a front view. My assumption is iPhone brand awareness is so high that they don’t need to even show the front. The side shot perfectly encapsulates the range of colours available.

The “Buy Now” buttons are small and understated.  It’s just not Apple’s style to use massive BUY NOW!!! calls to action.

Apple e-shot


Why I like this Mother’s Day email from Apple

I’ve always been a big fan of Apple’s email marketing and a Mother’s Day email I received today is no exception.

Let’s take a look at why it’s so good.

1. Firstly the from name and subject line.

The from name is blissfully clear. Simply “Apple”. Not “Apple Newsletter” or “Apple Europe”.

The subject line is succinct and evocative and uses the word “Mum” rather than the more generic “Mother’s Day”.

Apple subject line

2. Secondly the email itself.

 The images below are an extract from the full email. Not actual size.

Apple Mother's Day email

< The branding is subtle. No need for a massive masthead.

< Short and succinct headlline.

< Clear how to buy information.


< The design has plenty of white space making it much easier to read.

< The call to action”Buy iPad” is succinct. Far better than “Click here to visit our online store”.