How to welcome e-newsletter subscribers effectively

The welcome message for new e-newsletter subscribers is something that is often overlooked.

It’s an important step towards creating a one-to-one relationship with new subscribers.

If you use an email service provider (Mailchimp, Constant contact etc) the welcome message can be fully automated. Do contact us for guidance.

WelcomeTips for effective subscriber welcome messages

1. Include your company name or brand in the subject line and in the ‘from’ section.
2. Thank people for signing up.
3. Confirm what they’ve signed up for.
4. Reiterate the benefits of subscribing and what they can expect along with the frequency of emails.
5. Remind them that they can unsubscribe at any time.
6. Reward them with an offer. For example a money off coupon or a free e-book.
7. Include links to key pages on your website and to Facebook and Twitter.
8. Include your contact details and sign off from a real person.

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