Helping tennis player Tom Mellor appear at The Albert Hall

From time to time I am pleased to undertake pro bono work to support local organisations and individuals.

Therefore I was delighted to respond to a request from Cheltenham tennis player Tom Mellor and his father Philip.

Tom, who was born with Velo-Cardio-Facial-Syndrome, won gold and silver medals at the 2014 this year’s INAS World Tennis Championships.  INAS is the organisation for para-athletes with an intellectual disability.

Tom had a chance of playing an exhibition game on behalf of Special Olympics GB immediately before the first match at the ATP Champions Tour at the Albert Hall in December 2014.  However Special Olympics GB needed to provide proof of just how talented a player Tom is. Tom’s Dad Philip asked if I could shoot some footage of Tom playing, to use for this purpose.

You can see the promotional footage below. I’m pleased to report that the video has helped Tom secure a 15 minute exhibition match with his partner Fabrice Higgins at the opening of the ATP Champions Tour on 3rd December.