Promotional video for Orchard Press (Cheltenham) Ltd

Orchard Press, based in Ashchurch near Tewkesbury approached me because they knew they should be using video to promote their business, but needed guidance on how to go about it.

They wanted to be able to use a promotional video to demonstrate the breadth of services they offer using their state of the art equipment, including the only Heidelberg B1 press within 50 miles.

After several discussions I was able to devise a storyboard and write a voiceover script. Filming took place during two sessions. The resulting film is below. With thanks to the hugely talented Guy Harris for the ultra fast turnround and high quality delivery.

Rather than just rocking up with a camera and hoping for the best, with my commercial and business background I am able to guide clients on the best approach for their video.

Many SMEs tend to commission videos because they’ve read that they “must have a video on their website”, but without knowing how a video might work best for them.

My starting point is to always open any discussion with “why do you want a video?” which then enables me to guide them on the most effective approach. These vital preliminary discussions help to speed up the process, and more importantly help to avoid surprises later on in the process, because both parties are aligned from the outset.