Using music on your videos – how to stay legal


Using copyrighted music on videos in most cases is illegal. Here are some brief tips to guide you. 

PRS for Music is responsible for collecting royalties for composers and has licences available on its website covering a variety of different scenarios. Click on “I need a licence for” on this page.

If you’re making videos such as school plays or weddings one option is a Limited Manufacture Licence which covers a wide range of uses. We understand however that this licence only applies to DVD copies and does not permit online use on your website or YouTube. We suggest you use the above  “I need a licence for” link as a starting point and contact PRS for Music if you are unsure.

Using copyrighted music on commercial productions is not normally allowed without the permission of the composer. In some situations particularly television or film this can be extremely costly.

Using professionally produced non copyrighted music is a great alternative.

We buy our copyright free music from Premiumbeat and you can hear some examples of their music in the videos on our YouTube channel. Premiumbeat has thousands of tracks available for download along with a sampling option enabling you to listen before you buy. Prices start from around $29. They’ve also got lots of sound effects for download.

This blog post should not be viewed as a substitute for professional legal advice. The information is provided for general guidance only and applies to the UK.