Measuring email marketing for continuous improvement

I analyse your campaigns to bring about even better results next time.

If you wish I’ll even give you access to your own reports so you can see your results in real time.

1. I measure how many people opened your campaign and clicked links, as a trend report.

I look at the trends, and we review what worked well – and what worked less well – so that I can continuously improve your email marketing.
Opes and clicks report

2. I measure the popularity of each link. This enables me to assess how each aspect of your content performed.

Clicks report

3. I’ll keep an eye on unsubscribes and bounces. If these become too high we’ll recommend corrective action.

Unsubscribes and bounces

4. I can measure which email clients your subscribers are using – useful to ensure the design is appropriate for your audience.

Email clients report

5. And I can even see how many people have forwarded or shared your campaign

Social shares and forwards