Twitter video. Achieve real engagement with your followers.

I don’t often post about social media as it’s not one of my core services. However, an app update for Twitter just came through on my iPhone, and it made me genuinely excited.

The app update said, “Now you can shoot, edit and share video on Twitter”. 

What’s so special about this? You can already share video on Twitter can’t you?  You just link to YouTube.

What’s different is it now takes the possibility for real engagement with your followers to a new level. That’s because you can shoot videos of up to 30 seconds from within the Twitter app. You can even edit the video by re-ordering the clips.

Social media evangelist Gary Vaynerchuk explains this much better than I can.

Time is so incredibly precious to people. They hate when it’s wasted, and they are impressed when you give them some of your time. That is what excites me most about Twitter video. Giving time to people. More time. Personalized time. And that is awesome.

So, next time you receive a Tweet with a question about your business, or maybe an idea or a complaint, you could use a short Twitter video to respond to them.

As Vaynerchuk says

It takes me nine to twelve seconds to make a video and reply, but those extra seconds hold a lot of meaning. Not to mention it’s more personal, visual, and we are living in a world where the visual is often regarded as a better engagement than the written.

2015-02-11 14.24.00How Twitter video works

  1. It works in a similar way to Vine.  You just tap and hold the record button and then release.
  2. If you wish, you can tap again to record more clips. You’ll see the duration counter change colour as you get closer to 30 seconds.
  3. If you want to re-order the clips just tap, hold and re-position.
  4. Tap “done” and your video will then be embedded it a new Tweet, and you can also add text.

Hat tips:
Lee Rickler of Point & Stare for the Vaynerchuck blog post link.
Arthur the miniature schnauzer.