Why this e-shot from Apple is perfect. In every way.

Apple have just sent me the email below promoting the new iPhones.  Apple’s email marketing always stands out from the crowd, but this one is special.

Here’s why.

The opening paragraph is brief yet sells lots of benefits. Apple is all about making it easy for the consumer, and that’s what they’re doing here. “We’ll ship it for free”.  “We’ll set it up just how you want it”.

The two product sections have lots of white space and are uncluttered. The product shots don’t even have a front view. My assumption is iPhone brand awareness is so high that they don’t need to even show the front. The side shot perfectly encapsulates the range of colours available.

The “Buy Now” buttons are small and understated.  It’s just not Apple’s style to use massive BUY NOW!!! calls to action.

Apple e-shot


How to ensure someone who has found your lost iPhone can contact you

Update 19.09.13: Since the release of i0S7 this no longer works, because when you try to set the screen grab below as wallpaper it comes out very large. If you try and zoom out it won’t work. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know.

This post has got nothing to do with my usual topics of email and video marketing, but it’s such a neat idea, I thought I’d share it with you.

If you have an iPhone and it’s password protected, that means if you lose it the finder can’t get into the phone to work out who you are and how to contact you.

Password protecting your iPhone is good practice, so how can you enable the finder of your lost iPhone to contact you?

Note: This might also work for other phones which have a lock screen.

The solution is simple – display your contact details on the iPhone lock screen.

Here’s how.

iphone1. Add a contact record for yourself in your iPhone.
Only include contact details which you want to be visible to the finder of your lost phone.

2. Take a screen shot of your contact record.
On iPhone 4 and 5 press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. The image is saved to the camera roll.
You can crop the image if you wish to in the editing tool in Camera Roll.

3. Go into Settings then Brightness and Wallpaper.
Tap Camera Roll and choose the screen grab image.
You can move and scale the image if you like.

4. Tap Set. Then tap Set Lock Screen.  
The image with your contact details is then visible in the iPhone’s lock screen, just like the image on the right >

Hat tips: Guardian Technology Blog, MediaBiz Tech