UPDATED: Expertise on Tap comes to the aid of Charlton Kings Cricket Club

Update 25.07.13
The High Court has found in the cricket club’s favour and confirmed that the land in dispute (including the nets) does belong to the club. Read more….
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In April 2013 the Gloucestershire Echo reported on the plight of Charlton Kings Cricket Club in Cheltenham and launched a campaign to save it. The club has been embroiled in a legal battle with Jacki Mitchell over part of its outfield. And the club could go out of business if it is unable to hang on to the land at Ryeworth Fields which makes up a fifth of its grounds.

I wanted to do something to help as I believe clubs like this are a vital part of the community. So I approached the club to offer to make a video for them, highlighting their plight and to encourage people to donate to help their legal fight. I also produced a plan for the club on how they could use social media to spread the word about the video.

The video is fantastic and we cannot thank Julian enough for it. We are going to push the video through all social media, like Twitter and Facebook
Geoff White, Cricket Development Officer, Charlton Kings Cricket Club

How the Gloucestershire Echo reported the story of our video

Charlton Kings Cricket Club faces closure

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