Our new video showreel – how many celebrities can you spot

We’ve made over 120 films for our SME clients in the past six years.

Our latest showreel features some recent work, including the Cornish Cricket Festival, Bespoke Auctions and behind the scenes at Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.
There are seven celebrities featured. Can you spot them?  Answers below.




Did you guess the celebrities?
Former Blue Peter presenter and Dr Who actor, Peter Purves
Former Dr Who, Colin Baker
Former Archibshop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams
Cricketers Matthew Hoggard and Darren Gough
Mark Cummings, BBC Radio Gloucestershire presenter
Chistine Hamilton, broadcaster

UPDATED: Expertise on Tap comes to the aid of Charlton Kings Cricket Club

Update 25.07.13
The High Court has found in the cricket club’s favour and confirmed that the land in dispute (including the nets) does belong to the club. Read more….
Also seeKevan Blackadder, editor of the Gloucestershire Echo: A victory of common sense

In April 2013 the Gloucestershire Echo reported on the plight of Charlton Kings Cricket Club in Cheltenham and launched a campaign to save it. The club has been embroiled in a legal battle with Jacki Mitchell over part of its outfield. And the club could go out of business if it is unable to hang on to the land at Ryeworth Fields which makes up a fifth of its grounds.

I wanted to do something to help as I believe clubs like this are a vital part of the community. So I approached the club to offer to make a video for them, highlighting their plight and to encourage people to donate to help their legal fight. I also produced a plan for the club on how they could use social media to spread the word about the video.

The video is fantastic and we cannot thank Julian enough for it. We are going to push the video through all social media, like Twitter and Facebook
Geoff White, Cricket Development Officer, Charlton Kings Cricket Club

How the Gloucestershire Echo reported the story of our video

Charlton Kings Cricket Club faces closure

On location with former Dr Who actors

The BBC show Celebrity Antiques Road Trip recently visited our client Bespoke Auctions in Winchcombe.

The celebrities for this edition were former Dr Who actor Colin Baker, and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves, who also acted in Dr Who in the 1960s.

Bespoke Auctions asked us to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage, which you can see in the video below.

Nick Granger from Bespoke Auctions comments:

Such a professional video, you delivered way more than I was expecting. Thank you.

We’re proud to be supporting the charity Hire a Hero

image001The aim of Hire a Hero is to support Army, Navy and Air Force leavers, past, present and future settle into civilian life. Forces families will be assisted with employment, training, housing and care plans.

Ex Forces personnel often experience frustration and seemingly insurmountable difficulties in these areas. Hire a Hero aims to break down barriers and help them access the services and support they are entitled to.

Expertise on Tap donated this video for Hire a Hero to use as an informational tool, to help find mentors for the charity.

In the video below, ex-serviceman Matt Onions recounts his experiences on leaving the army.

On location at the Cornish Cricket Festival

Cornish-Sporting-Club-LogoWe’ve been producing videos for four years for Birmingham-based Gala Hospitality. We were therefore delighted when they asked to produce an event video for their new brand, Cornish Sporting Club at the second annual Cornish Cricket Festival.

The brief was to capture all aspects of the event including the corporate hospitality on offer, to enable Cornish Sporting Club to promote the cricket festival in future years.

Alan George, Director, Cornish Sporting Club comments:
Having worked with Julian Wellings of Expertise on Tap for four years, there was only one producer to put together our Cornish Cricket Festival video. We had a wide brief, but as usual Julian just got on with this, and put together a fantastic video. We also had some post event requirements to add to the video, which Julian was quite happy to help us with at short notice. We will definitely be using him for our next video.

Watch the Cornish Cricket Festival video below…

YouTube related channels feature – enable or disable?

Got a new style YouTube channel?

YouTube have just introduced a new feature where it displays related channels on the right hand side of your channel.

It looks like this, and if you hover over the panel you can choose to disable it.



< If you do try to disable it you get a prompt with this helpful notification. 





So, the question is, should you display related channels or not?

My view is don’t display related channels.

A key issue is you have no control over which related channels are shown.

What if the channels are for competitors or are for content you’d rather not be associated with?

According to YouTube, if you switch  off related channels your channel will not be recommended across other channels. However there are plenty of other ways of driving traffic to your channel using social media or simply having good SEO optimisation on each of your videos. Read how to do this here.

How to increase click throughs for your email newsletter using video

If you try and embed a video into your e-newsletter it won’t work properly in most email programs. The email is also likely to get blocked by anti virus software.

Technology is changing and embedding videos in emails might become possible in future, but for now a work round is necessary.

Here’s a simple technique which I use with great results in clients’ newsletters.

Simply pause the video and take a screen grab then add a play button onto the image. Use this image in your newsletter so that it looks like a video screen.

You’re likely to get a massive increase in clicks instead of  just using a text link saying “Click here to watch video”.

Here’s an example from a series of tennis video coaching tips I made for East Glos Club in Cheltenham.


How to get a Google Plus Hangout on Air to play on a new style YouTube One Channel

YouTube logoIf you’ve upgraded to a new style YouTube One channel, the process for getting a Google Plus Hangout on Air to play on your YouTube channel has become a bit more convoluted. It is hoped Google will eventually make this simpler.

With the old style YouTube channels you could start a Google Plus Hangout on Air, click Start Boradcast, and there it would be,  immediately visible on your YouTube channel.

Firstly a couple of background points

1. What do I mean by a new YouTube One channel?
It’s a new, improved channel layout which YouTube are now offering to all  users.  I’ve done a blog post on this with more information.

2. What is a Google Hangout?
This enables you to connect with other users using video. A Hangout on Air enables you to stream the hangout direct to your YouTube channel. This can be handy for notifying people about the hangout. For example “Go to my YouTube channel at 6pm to see the live broadcast”.

Here are the steps to get a Google Plus Hangout to play on your YouTube channel

My thanks to social media expert Jonathan Pollinger of Intranet Future who alerted me to this solution.

1. Go to Google Plus and click the Start a New Hangout button, top right hand side of the page.


2.Choose the names of the people you want to join the hangout and give it a name.

Click on the box to add names, or alternatively make it public.


Make sure you tick the Enable Hangouts on Air box.


3. Start the hangout and click the Embed button at the top of the screen. Copy the YouTube URL to your clipboard.


4. Go to your YouTube channel and hover your mouse to the right of your channel trailer and click Change Trailer.  Paste in the YouTube URL from Step 3.  The  Google Plus hangout will now replace your existing trailer.


5. Now, when you’re ready to go live,  go back to  Google Plus and click the Start Broadcast button.


6. Your hangout will now play on your YouTube channel and will be saved as a video once it had ended.

7. Remember to change your YouTube channel trailer at the end of the hangout, back to what it was before, if that’s what you want.

Phew! I told you it was convoluted didn’t I? If you know a simpler way, do let me know in the comments below!

Intranet FutureIf you need more help on Google Plus Hangouts, or anything to do with social media, please contact  Jonathan Pollinger of Intranet Future. I highly recommend him.

3 great reasons to upgrade to a new style YouTube channel

YouTube logoYouTube is currently rolling out a new, improved channel design.

Eventually all accounts will need to switch over to the new layout, but you can upgrade now. Just look for this message at the top of your channel page…

UPDATE: May 17 2013 – YouTube announce they will migrate ALL channels to the new layout on June 5 2013. We recommend upgrading your channel now so you can test out the new layout and do any necessary fine tuning. If you need help please contact me.

YouTube channel message

3 great reasons to upgrade to a new style YouTube channel

1. You can now add a banner / cover image at the top of your channel.
This is a great way to show off your brand. Here’s a good example from Marketing Buzz Tv.

2. You can set a video to play as a trailer for non subscribed visitors.
See an example on my channel >

3. You can categorise your videos into playlists and popular uploads
The layout is bigger and bolder than before, and it provides you with full customisation over how your visitors view your content. “Here’s one I made earlier” on East Glos Tv >

If you need help on upgrading to the new look YouTube channel please contact me.

If you have several business videos on your YouTube account I strongly recommend creating a YouTube channel. I can help you set this up.

How to measure video audience retention using YouTube analytics

YouTube  has recently introduced a massive improvement to their video analytics. This brings some powerful benefits if your business has videos on YouTube.

You can now monitor how long people watched your videos for.

It’s all very well saying your video got 800 views but what if those viewers stopped watching part way through thus missing out on your key message?

Now you can play the video and view a graph showing exactly which proportion of the audience were watching at any given time. See the example below.

How to view your audience retention

  1. Go to www.youtube.com/analytics and logon to your account.
  2. Click “audience retention” on the left hand side bar.
  3. Then choose your video beneath where it says “content”.
  4. Choose your date range.
  5. Play the video and the red vertical bar will move.

Note: This will only work for videos with more than a few hundred views.

Three tips on how to use this to your advantage:

  1. Analyse where the drop off occurred. What specific content caused people to tune out?
  2. Was your video too long? Could you have got your key messages across in a shorter video?
  3. Use the results to work out what you could do differently next time you produce a video.

Here is an example of the audience retention measure. As you play the video in your YouTube account the vertical bar moves across.